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Social Media and Content Marketing Services

Connect with potential customers on the Web with our expert Social Media services and content creation. The power of Social Media, combined with compelling content published throughout the Internet, will increase your company’s Web Presence. This growth of fans and followers will result in organic promotion of your brand, and in tangible sales leads for your company.

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To Help Grow Your Business, We Will:

• Build a strong and active Social Media Network specifically for your business, utilizing the top social media sites.

• Create, monitor and engage in ongoing campaigns and conversations with potential and existing customers. As a result of our skilled engagement strategies, your company’s fan base will continue to grow.

• Utilize a team of expert writers and editors, who will produce compelling search engine optimized content that will attract a steady base of readership.

• Create a customized Web Reach blog page for your business, where optimized articles, as well as any special offers and news about your company, will be published on a regular basis.

• Provide monthly analytic reports showing blog visitor traffic and engagement, social traffic and fan engagement.

Why Choose Us?

The team at Crackerjack Scribe consists of experienced editors, writers, and tech-savvy personnel who are well versed in the latest Internet and Social Media Engagement strategies and technologies. We know how to create compelling stories that will engage your readers, and we are well versed in the latest SEO practices and effective social media strategies to reach your targeted audience.

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