Google Glass Just Might Revolutionize Communication

Google Glass and Social MediaWe’ve been living in the Internet age for a while, so many things, such as instant access to information on just about anything in the world from anywhere in the world, maybe seem conventional. Yet, to actually share information as it’s happening from your point of view, in panorama, may open up a whole new age of communication–holding up a smart phone in front of you doesn’t seem to be an equivalent.

A CNET review said Glass wil connect via Bluetooth to both Android phones and the iPhone, while getting data from Wi-Fi and using the 3G/4G feeds from the connected phone.

I can only imagine the possibilities of using Google Glass in the marketing world of social media–for a business owner to be able to share personally new products or company updates onsite in real time would be taking online marketing to a whole new realm.

I haven’t yet tried Google Glass, but this video gives you a good idea of what it would be like.