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​How ​Do You Reach ​Clients with Social Media & Content?

​I'm going to be​ straight with you. It's not easy to cut through the crowded digital space to bring attention to your business or brand. There's a lot of chatter out there. But if ​you employ the right strategies and methods, your message will be heard. ​People will remember you. ​They will connect with you. ​


​First, you must take stock of where you stand in the ​digital space. What online assets do you own? Do you have a Website, blog, social media profiles? ​


​​Knowing ​your ideal customer​​ is critical in your digital marketing strategy. ​Find out where your ​audience socializes ​and gets their information online. ​Choose the right platforms and methods to reach them.


Content that engages and informs, and contributes to your overall quality presence and ​SEO will provide you lasting returns on your digital marketing investment.

Who Am I?

​I'm a longtime writer, journalist, and ​digital marketer. My position as associate publisher and editor of The Malibu Times newspaper and ​Magazine put me at the forefront of the publishing world. ​

From there I dived deep into the digital online space, learning the methods and techniques of using social media and content​ ​​to successfully connect businesses with their ideal target market.

​Laura Tate

Digital Marketer Laura Tate, founder of Crackerjack Scribe

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