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Social Media for Business | Woodland Hills Crackerjack Scribe Social Media & Blog Marketing

Get More Traffic & More Leads

with One-on-One Marketing Services

CJS Founder Laura Tate

We  Will Help Grow Your Company's Web Presence With:

  • Personalized social media networking that will drive traffic to your company site.
  • Customized content from award-winning  writers that will increase your brand authority.
  • A unique Web Reach page combing all your online assets to maximize reach to customers. 

Laura Tate, CJS Founder

You Know Your Business Needs Social Media and Content to Compete, but You Don't Know How to Do It, Where to Start, or Don't Have the Time...

All the world is online, and it's the number one place people are searching for services or products. The way to reach them is by establishing a presence on social media networks, publishing content on a consistent basis, and engaging with people. 

There are tons of "quick and easy" solutions out there, from $59-a-month promises to reel in leads by automating your social media and content marketing, but people connect to people, not robotic updates and regurgitated content.

I've tried automating my own online marketing. But I found it doesn't work. Most of my messages and auto-scheduled posts were ignored.  It wasn't until I started engaging with people that I got results. 

“True social media and content networking is the best way to grow a Web presence, and to have people trust you, read and share your content, and eventually want to do business with you. ”

But again, you might not have the know-how, the time to set-up a social media network, to participate in chats, and to write and publish content. That's where the Crackerjack Scribe team steps in. I and my team of web designers, writers and social media managers will set up your network and blog, and manage it all for you so you can concentrate on running your business.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Customized Online Marketing Strategy

We'll research your target audience, assess your online assets, and create a customized strategy to generate leads.

Optimized Blog & Social Media Network

A search engine optimized social media network and blog will be created for maximum discoverability of your company.

Monitoring & Engagement

We'll monitor and engage with your fan base, and provide monthly reports tracking Website traffic, fans and followers, and leads.

Our web blog went from no presence to being one of the top sites in less than a year. Our social media marketing campaign created a lot of positive exposure for our Company, Agents and clients.

- Michael Novotny (Sotheby's International West)

What we do:

"Grow traffic and leads with Real Content | Real Social Media."

We will help you, the businesses owner,  create a vital Web presence that will help your company  be found on the Web by those searching for your services and/or products.

We are not a cookie-cutter social media and content marketing agency with a one-size-fits all mentality. We are real people, creating real content that is optimized and customized to engage your target market.

What We Will Do for You:

We will build an active social media network 

"An optimized and dynamic social network will grow your fan base, and generate leads."

Your social media network will be optimized to attract fans and followers, and engage them to become loyal brand advocates.

Create a Vital Blog to drive traffic to your Website

"Valuable, educational and informational content will engage your readers and keep them coming back for more."

Content will be published on a consistent basis and establish your business as an authority in your field or industry.

Sharing your content across your social media media channels and around the Web will drive traffic, and loyal fans and customers to your blog and company site.

Engage with Customers, to establish authority and trust

Personal engagement through comments, replies, questions and answers establishes trust between your and your fans.

​Consistent monitoring of your social media networks and blog will take place, not letting a moment go by that a potential lead can be nurtured and converted into a loyal, and lasting customer.

Lead Capturing Contests and Campaigns

Lead-generating campaigns via email, your blog and social networks will be implemented to build a strong base of potential customers that you can communicate with on a regular basis.

Customized email newsletters, blog subscription forms, customized social media campaigns and contests will be a part of your personalized Web Reach program. 

All lead-generating campaigns will be analyzed and reported, complete with a list of leads captured.

The Perfect Solution for a Busy Owner of a Company

You'll never have to worry about what's going on, where your leads are coming from, or about having to respond to constant questions and comments.

All activity is tracked and reported with detailed analytics showing Website, blog and social media traffic, conversations and mentions about your business, conversions and leads captured.

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"You will have one-on-one communication with me, the founder of Crackerjack Scribe. It is my goal to make sure your company achieves established online marketing targets and goals with our personalized services."


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